"As much as I can sympathize with other... individuals that had been kept there, I want to live in this world, not see it end. This, of course, being a likely scenario."
Ghost Babel, referring to Unit 005

Unit 005, also known as Tiamat, is a powerful, water-based being described in ancient Mesopotamian mythology. She was imprisoned by the Wyndstrom Institution before her escape during Cursor's distraction.

History Edit

Prior to 2016 Edit

At an unknown date and time, and for an unknown amount of time, 005 was captured and contained by the Wyndstrom Institution. Until Cursor's release of Ghost and his subsequent damage to Wyndstrom's computer systems, Tiamat remained contained within her holding area.

2016 Edit

After Cursor's successful plan to free 979, she, along with an indeterminate number of other Units, escaped. Currently, she remains free. It is speculated that she, with her grudge against humanity, would seek to end the world.

Abilities Edit

Tiamat's abilities are discussed at length in Mesopotamian religion.