QDWPAH is the second canon video of the ARG, and the second video posted to eternalforestxv. It is preceded by 2owctvwkx6ky3qep and followed by untitled.

Summary Edit

On July 7th, 2016, QDWPAH was uploaded to 979's channel. This is the first video to depict a changing camera.

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Transcript Edit

The video begins with an image of trees. Half of the video is this moving image, accompanied by sounds of nature. Eventually the pleasant imagery cuts away and the aspect reverses to a similar aspect from the first video; first an image of walking through grass, then walking past a bush, then an image of a door handle (tried to open it, but unsuccessful?), then another of walking through grass, an image of leaves, then the final image is walking towards a window (same house?). The audio in this second half is reversed and distorted- when reversed it sounded like some sort of scuffle.

Notes Edit

  • The video depicts a change in perspectives, possibly. The normal camera would be 979's regular state, while the camera similar to what was seen in 2owctvwkx6ky3qep would be from the perspective of Hungry.